Idiocracy is the latest film by Mike Judge, the creator of Beavis and Butthead and Office Space. The movie has an interesting premise based on reverse Darwinism. In the current society, the smart people are too busy to have kids, so the number of dumb people starts increasing leading to overall lowering of the average IQ of the human race. The protagonist, Joe, is an average guy working for the US Army who is made a part of an army experiment that intends to hibernate people for the future. The project is scrapped and Joe is hibernated and buried until the 25th century. When he wakes up, he finds himself to be the smartest person on Earth.

Idiocracy is hilarious in typical Mike Judge style. It sharply criticises the modern culture of TV, instant gratification, big corporations and omnipresent branding and advertising.

Unfortunately, the film was never screened widely and there was little or no effort on the part of the studio to publicise the movie which made it fade into obscurity. This is a shame because it is definitely one of the better movies that I have seen recently. I would recommend all fans of Mike Judge and Office Space to watch this movie.

Produced and Directed by Mike Judge
20th Century Fox
Released on September 3, 2006