Steven SteinWe interrupt the featured programming to bring you a special meta-program.

Usually I am averse to the idea of blogging about blogs because I feel most bloggers are too self-absorbed and self-important. Pimping someone else’s blog on your own blog seems a lot like mutual back patting which is only of interest to the two people concerned.

In this case, however, I’m making an exception because this is something that caught my attention and also this is not a mutual admiration, but it’s just me admiring someone else’s work. Perhaps it is not so much different from admiring some book or some piece of music.

While browsing the internets, I stumbled upon a blog that says “Music. Copyright. Politics. Life.” Life is just a general catch-all term, but the other three are things that I am deeply interested in so it is good to find a blog that talks about them. I have never heard of Steven Stein but as I found out, he is a music producer from New Jersey/New York. I read some of his posts and I found myself agreeing wholeheartedly with his ideas and viewpoint. This will definitely become a part of my RSS reader.

(I also hope that Steinski doesn’t mind me using an image from his blog, given his views on copyright.)