I visited Ikea today.  It has been a while since I was there last and I was surprised to see that Ikea is taking some very positive steps to  conserve the environment.  Firstly, they have replaced almost all incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescent lamps.  All the lamps that they sell now only have CFLs and they are pushing CFLs hard as a more energy efficient technology.  In the US, in particular, the adoption of CFLs has been very poor because people tend to prefer yellow light instead of white light.  I personally prefer white light, but there are CFLs available now that are close to the warm yellow incandescent bulbs.

The second thing that I saw at Ikea is that they have stopped giving plastic bags for free.  You can either get a reusable bag that you can bring on future trips to Ikea or you can buy regular bags for five cents.  I saw stores charge for bags for the first time in Europe and it always dismays me to see departmental stores use plastic bags so liberally, underfilling them most of the time and also using two bags for safety when one would suffice.  It is good to see Ikea bringing over some of the European ideas about conservation to the US. Kudos to Ikea!